With NitroCream your not just investing in equipment, your joining an elite team of knowledge, expertise, and customer service to assist and guide you.  Our continued support, How-to-Video's, new techniques, equipment upgrades, recommended vendors, sources, products and more are here for you.
NitroCream is the industry leader for over 14 years.
NitroCream holds the Patent to this Patented Process and currently offers licenses to utilize and offer the process.
The G6 is the only NSF Certified and CE Marked, commercial machine of it's kind in the world, specificaly designed for Liquid Nitrogen use. 
The G6 body is 100% designed, manufactured, hand assembled and tested in the USA.

License options available to use your own equipment.  ONLY available through NitroCream LLC


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35 liter Dewar
High performance modern construction and advanced insulation materials ensure high thermal eff..
Ex Tax: $1,245.00
6 Vacume Jacked Line
Sealed vacuum insulated hose for liquid nitrogen transfer. Braided Stainless, highly f..
Ex Tax: $1,276.00
Liquid Withdrawal Device
Conveniently transfer liquid nitrogen at rates up to 8 liters per minute. Specially de..
Ex Tax: $902.00